Polio Eradication Campaign Begins in 15 Districts of Balochistan


The three day Polio eradication campaign was underway in 15 districts of Balochistan and is on its last day today. During the campaign more than 1,100,000 children were vaccinated.

According to the health department Balochistan, the special campaign was run in districts of Quetta, Pasheen, Kilah Abdullah, MusaKhel, Loralai, Zob, Shirani, Noshki, Kharan, Naseerabad, Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi, Kilah SaifUllah, Chaghi and Washk. More than 1,146,000 children from 15 districts were targeted to be vaccinated in the campaign. During the campaign, security was kept tight and both police and Balochistan constabulary were deployed for the purpose.

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