One New Case of Cancer is Registered After Every 5 Minutes in Pakistan


According to research reports, around 7,500,000 people die from different forms of cancer around the world in a year and a new case of cancer is reported every 5 minutes.

According to research, one person in five minutes, 12 in one hour and 200 people die in 24 hours who are affected by cancer in Pakistan. The yearly deaths due to cancer in Pakistan have increased to 105,000. Medical experts say that early diagnosis, treatment and use of more vegetables can save life of cancer patients. In Pakistan, the most common types of cancer in men is mouth cancer and breast cancer in women. The main reason of mouth and throat cancer is Gutka, Pan, smoking and the use of Mainpuri. The experts have informed that there are not enough facilities and equipment in government hospitals to diagnose cancer. They said it is very important to diagnose cancer on time to save the life of the patient.

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