Monsoon Rainfall Causes Widespread Problems In Sukkur


The monsoon rainfall season has made its appearance in Sindh. Karachi experienced its first heavy shower as did Sukkur. However, the post-rain situation in Sukkur is deplorable. Contaminated water from sewerages across the city has found its way onto the streets due to the negligence of the municipality. Residential and commercial areas have been inundated with stagnant contaminated water for most of the past month. A terrible stench and unhygienic atmosphere has permeated through the third largest city of the province. According to the president of the Sukkur Small Traders, Haji Muhammad Javed Memon, it has become increasingly difficult for women, children and the elderly to step outdoors. An alarming number of people are being diagnosed with gastroenteritis, diarrhea, respiratory concerns, and skin infections.

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