Lucky Marwat: Department of Health (DOP) Workers Against Polio Vaccines


The workers of the department of Health (DOP), like common people, are reluctant to let their kids (bache) have anti-polio vaccines as this is increasing the problems in the Polio eradication campaign (PEC).

In a conference in Lucky Marwat, chaired by Deputy Commissioner (DC) Ehsan Ullah, it was discussed that some workers of DOP are creating problems in the anti-polio drive. Workers like a gardener working in the district health office or higher management staff, such as the head of Walai Shagai’s Primary Medical Center (PMC), are reluctant to let their children receive the anti-Polio vaccines. It was informed that the PEC which started in the first week of February in different union councils (UC) failed because of the workers of the DOP themselves. In the campaign, 1,611,754 children up to 5 years of age were supposed to be provided by vaccines by 421 mobile units, 47 fixed units and 23 door to door teams. 4,325 children remained deprived from being vaccinated: 2867 due to parents’ interference and 1458 due to the PEC worker not able to reach them. The DC has ordered the district health officers to take steps against the people and workers responsible for the failure of the PEC.

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