Lawmaker involved in gruesome Kasur sexual abuse scandal


It has been reported by locals that Malik Sayed, an MPA of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), is directly involved in the Kasur child sexual abuse incident, which is what forced both the government as well as the police to downplay the incident.

According to the Ganda Singh Police, the figures of the children had been exaggerated. Regional Police Officer Sheikhupura, Shehzad Sultan, said that very few people had come forward to lodge an FIR. He said had there been more cases more, people would have come.

Rana Sanaullah, the current law minister, in the earliest hours of the of the news, completely rejected the case saying that no such incident had happened – it was a clash between two rivals, which was stopped by intervention of police.

However, as news has developed over the past few days, all of the above mentioned claims have been proven false.

The case involving more than 280 children and more than 400 child pornography videos recovered by the Punjab Police in Kasur have enraged the citizens of Pakistan.

The public have considered the event as shocking as the APS incident. However, apart from some NGOs and activists who have been shouting their lungs out about these issues, there hasn’t been any proper initiative on a major level.

Public should at first realize that this is not an issue restricted to one culture or province, but a national dilemma. In the last 68 years of independence Pakistan has not been able to make a successful breakthrough in any cases of child pornography or child sexual abuse.

While talking to foreign media in 2014, chairman PTI Imran Khan called these acts, “one of the most shameful aspects of the society.”

According to an NGO working on child sexual prevention, more than 10,700 child sexual abuse cases had been reported between 2007 and 2011. Almost 90%, or more than 4500 street children in Peshawar alone face this tragedy.

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