Lahore: Closed Petrol Pumps Reopened – Fuel Supply Situation Considered Improved


The petrol crisis seems to be ending, as Lahore petrol supply has returned to normal and closed petrol pumps are reopening.

Lahore had been under a petrol crisis for the past ten days, but the situation now seem to be in control, as buying and selling of fuel is taking place as normal. The rush on the pumps has decreased by a large amount and now people are able to buy petrol, though still some petrol pumps are under effect and are not operating as per routine. It may take a couple more days for all pumps to operate as normal. The constant supply of CNG has also reduced the long lines at CNG stations. The public, after the considerable control on the petrol crisis is now relaxed but it demands that the people responsible for this crisis should be punished.

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