Karachi: Counter Made on Cantt Station to Vaccinate Traveling Children


CPLC Chief, Ahmad Chinoi, has said that there are not any “no-go areas” for the Polio teams. They are being provided with maximum security and they are going to vaccinate the travelling children.

CPLC Chief, Ahmad Chinoi, while inaugurating the Polio vaccine counter in the business train, informed the media that this counter would help vaccinate the children who are traveling. He explained the importance of a Polio free Pakistan. He informed that all Polio teams are being provided with maximum security and all possible barriers for the campaign have been removed. He further said that the current government is determined to eradicate Polio from Pakistan. On the occasion, the Rohri Club gave honorary memberships to Mr. Ahmad Chanoi and Commissioner of Karachi. The Commissioner of Karachi said that to end Polio, more counters would be made in both railway station and airport.

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