Jaffarabad: Actions Against Doctors if Duties Not Performed


Jaffarabad – The Provincial Minister of Health for Balochistan, Mir Rehmat Saleh Baloch, said that recommendatory culture would be ended and strict actions would be taken against doctors who do not perform their duties. He further said that ending Polio is the greatest challenge and everyone would have to put in their efforts.

Mir Rehmat Saleh Baloch has distributed permanent letters to lady health workers. On the occasion, he said that the lady health workers are being given their rights and that the lady health workers should whole heartedly work for the public. He said that Polio is a great challenge which must be tackled so that Balochistan and the rest of the country could be made Polio free. He further said that recommendations and absence of doctors have destroyed the society but from this would not be accepted anymore and strict actions would be taken. On the occasion, he has announced 10 new motorcycles, medicines costing 10 lakh rupees and the repair of 4 ambulances.

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