Illegal parking on government land


Karachi, Shahrah-e-Mehdi Hasan: Illegal parking on government land has obstructed smooth flow of traffic. Illegal parking by the employees of multinational companies has severely hampered traffic on Karachi’s Shahrah-e-Mehdi Hasan.

According to recent reports, a well-established engineering company has been involved in using government land illegally for the purposes of company car parking. In fact, this phenomenon is not a new one. Shahrah-e-Mehdi Hasan is often blocked by extensive traffic jams, creating problems for ambulances that require speedy access to hospitals.

HTV has repeatedly tried to contact Nazar Muhammad Bozdar, Managing Director of S.I.T.E, to get his perspective on the issue at hand. However, Mr. Bozdar has yet to disclose additional information on this subject.

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