Full Preparations Will Be Made To Vaccinate Displaced Children


The Advisor to the Chief Minister for Health, Khawaja Salman Rafiq, has stated that to curb the spread of polio in the province of Punjab to vaccinate all children entering the province from Waziristan. This announcement was made on the third day of the anti-polio vaccination campaign being carried out in Chaubery Quarters Lahore with the help of popular religious scholar, Junaid Jamshed. After the environmental sample was confirmed to be positive, the anti-polio vaccination campaign was organized and implemented immediately. Due to the operation against terrorism in Waziristan, innumerable families have been relocated to displacement camps. Arrangements will be made to equip each camp with adequate vaccination facilities. Moreover, Junaid Jamshed also urged parents to get their children vaccinated in order to protect them from life-long disabilities. He also stated that the vaccine was completely safe and was not harmful for health in any way.

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