Dr. Zahid Hasan Ansari, Program Manager, Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority


According to the blood and bone marrow transplant specialist physicians, more than 100 patients in Pakistan suffer from lysosomal storage disorder every year.

Lysosomal storage disorder is not a common disease worldwide, but it is increasing every year in Pakistan. It is one of the many hereditary diseases, which is increasing because of inter-family weddings. The disease does not allow the healthy development of a child. The children, due to the disease, face difficulty while walking and sitting, become mentally and physically weak and their internal organs get affected. Many of them do not live long. According to medical experts, many lives can be saved if the disorder is diagnosed before 2 years of age. Currently, Pakistan does not have the expertise to diagnose the disease. The cure to this disorder is very expensive; experts say that the public should be made aware of the disorder and its reason.

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