Diabetes Increasing in Pakistan


The rate of diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and it has become the 7th highest prevailing disease in the world. The prevalence of this disease is 6.8 percent among adults and it is increasing in Pakistan.

Various senior doctors from around Pakistan attended a three-day workshop organized by National Institute of Child Health (NICH). It was determined that there is a lack of awareness and focus on Type-1 or juvenile diabetes and it is making it hard for complications to be avoided.

NICH’s Executive Director, Professor Jamal Raza, suggested that it is the time for NICH to team up with concerned bodies to address the gap of knowledge and promote better understanding of type 1 diabetes in a growing population like Pakistan.

Experts from USA, Australia, Thailand and Japan were invited to conduct this workshop to benefit Pakistani doctors by passing on their knowledge and experience.

A wide range of topics were included in the workshop, but the main focus was on type 1 of this disease, its complications and management risk.

Sanofi, a multinational pharmaceutical company, supported this workshop on Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes. Sanofi claims to lead the field in diabetes’s research and development for centuries from their first insulin.