Dadu: Protests Due to Medicine and Hepatitis C Vaccine Shortage and Absence of Doctors


A protest was conducted by the Peoples Party Cultural Wing because of the shortage of medicines, Hepatitis C vaccine, absences of doctors in Civil Hospital Dadu and the corruption in millions by DHO Dadu.

The Peoples Party Cultural Wing Dadu have protested in front of the National Press Club because of the lack of facilities to patients in Civil Hospital. The protesters held slogans against the Hospital administration. According to the protestors, the hospital has become the center of all medical problems. There is a lack of medicines in the hospital and Hepatitis C vaccines are not available at the hospital for many months. The public is bearing all the difficulties and is forced to buy medicines and vaccines from outside the hospital at much higher rates. The protestors informed that due to the absences of the doctors, more than 50 children have died in one month and 5 heart patients have died due to the ignorance of the doctors. They demanded an action against the corruption by the DHO, Doctor Jawaid and asked the government for permanent solutions for Civil Hospital Dadu.

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