Congo Virus Surfaces In Hayatabad Medical Complex


45 year old Abdul Jaleel, an employee at the Hayatabad Medical Complex in Peshawar, succumbed to Congo virus in what has been confirmed as the first case of Congo virus this year.

Following the diagnosis and death of their fellow colleague, fear and trepidation has gripped the remaining staff at the Complex. According to the deceased individual’s brother, Abdul Jaleel was not provided with adequate treatment despite being an employee of the Medical Complex.

He also alleged that the hospital had attempted to hide the truth about Abdul Jaleel’s diagnosis from the family. The family of the deceased also pointed out that the provincial government should give critical importance to this incident and ensure that all hospitals are well equipped to deal with possible, future cases of this fatal disease.

It is believed that Abdul Jaleel caught the virus while he was attending to patients from Afghanistan. According to Mumtaz Murawat, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, 5 rooms have been allocated to the treatment of Congo virus patients to ensure that they receive the best medical care and so that the spread of the disease is curbed as much as possible.

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