Chief Secretary of Punjab Organizes Surprise Visit to Ramadan Bazaar


Naveed Akram Cheema, Chief Secretary of Punjab, visited the Gulshan Ravi Ramadan Bachat Bazaar unannounced to evaluate the way the bazaar was being run. He also asked the shoppers for their feedback and complaints. He was accompanied by Rashid Mehmood Langaryar (Commissioner Lahore Division Lahore), Capt. (Retd) Muhammad Usman (D.C.O Lahore), and several representatives of the District and Town Administration. The Chief Secretary lauded the management for the impressive set-up and running of the bazaar. He toured the bazaar and visited the various stalls selling fruits, vegetables, sugar and flour. He also checked the weighing scale that the management had set up to ensure that fraudulent activities could not be practiced.

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