Charity and Welfare: Free Treatment for Diabetics in Peshawar


A free medical camp was setup in the Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, where diabetic patients were treated and provided with medicines for free.

Talking to HTV, Dr. Adnan Taj informed that a free diabetic camp was set up in the Lady Reading Hospital. He informed that the camp was just a progress in the ongoing campaign of HEAC International, which had organized a camp a month earlier as well and had promised to continue these camps in future on monthly basis. The camps were being set under Dr. Nazim Shezad, member of the management council committee of the Hospital and the head of HEAC Organization.

The organization had taken help from pharmaceutical companies and was using facilities of the Lady Reading Hospital to facilitate patients for checkups.

The long-term objectives of the of endo diabetic program are to enhance effectiveness of patient centered services by pharmaceutical Companies, to conduct free medical camps on diabetes prevalent areas of KPK, free diabetes treatment facility by HEAC for patients of endocrinology unit and to create awareness among community to focus on gathering resources for diabetes management.

HEAC International is a welfare organization working in the Health sector for the last five years. The organization had worked in low health infrastructure areas including the war damaged Afghanistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan. They had conducted workshops, provided health awareness and facilitated poor patients for free.

Dr Nazim Shehzad Informed HTV that once he became a permanent part of the LRH committee, he realized how important it was to start such projects with in the hospital itself, where poor people come with the perception that they would be treated for free. He said that the hospital does not have the capacity to treat the OPD patients or provide medicine for free.

In this regard HEAC is providing the resources for free medical treatment of diabetic patients at endocrinology and cardiology unit both at OPD and ward level. HEAC and Endocrinology unit  jointly register the patients for maintenance of  data in terms of the total number of patients being offered support, their follow-up trend, the drug compliance, improvement in disease as quantified by laboratory assessment as well as the prescription needs in accordance with patients stage of disease. Endocrinology unit selectively shares the data with HEAC.

Dr Nazim Shehzad appealed other private sector organizations and specifically the government to come forward and play its part.

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