The beauty trends set to shape the industry


The beauty industry is changing rapidly, with new innovations emerging on what seems like a daily basis. But what are the larger underlying emerging trends?

In its Global Beauty & Personal Care Trends 2025 report, market research group Mintel has analyzed the four major developments set to take the global beauty world by storm between now and 2025.


Thanks to the rise in wearable technology devices, we are now privy to more information about the working of our bodies than ever before. Mintel research shows that 18% of Chinese consumers own a wearable device, while nearly half (48%) of British suncare users would be interested in an app that can be used to track changes in their skin or moles. The success of virtual mirrors and beauty apps is another indicator that the next few years will see an increase in consumers taking more control when it comes to personalized well-being solutions.


Water is becoming an increasingly precious resource, and beauty products will adapt to reflect this. According to Vivienne Rudd, Director of Insight, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, brands will need to get eco-friendly to appeal to consumers. “They must appeal to their youthful idealism, passion and desire to change the world with products that clearly state how they are addressing the issue of water shortages,” she explains. “There will also be a greater need for brands to help consumers control their water usage, and transparency will be come to the forefront like never before.”


As the stresses of modern life take their toll on our well-being, one of the prime consumer concerns will be maintaining or increasing energy levels. health and wellness are increasingly becoming beauty issues, and clever cosmetics that work overtime to actually increase energy levels in the skin will come to the forefront.


Nearly half (48%) of Italian and Spanish consumers buy natural and organic personal care products because they believe the products are better for their health, and this attitude will go global over the next few years, with the ‘kitchen beauty’ concept becoming increasingly popular. “Brands will need to shift their focus to highlight artisanal processes while also making it easier for consumers to make products at home,” says Rudd. “Looking at the decade ahead, we’ll see brands borrow inspiration from the meal kits developed by food companies, propelling the subscription beauty box model to the next level.”

News source: AFP

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