Sialkot – Bureau Chief, and cameraman, have been arrested


In Muzafarpoor, Sialkot, the H TV team was informed about electricity theft by influential people. When the HTV team reached the KAPCO office, the workers and officials attacked the H TV team and made a false complaint to the Police, causing the arrest of the Bureau Chief, Chaudry Faiz and cameraman, Zeeshan Ali.

The complaint of electricity theft to HTV was taken to the KAPCO office to get an answer of the case from the SDN. On the arrival of the HTV team in the KAPCO office, the workers misbehaved with the crew, and acted violently. The finger of the cameraman, Zeeshan Ali became fractured and his camera broke. After this, the SDM registered a false complaitn against the team that they were making footages of the office. The cameraman and the bureau chief were taken in police custody.

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