Amazing Places to Visit in Asia


Wander lusters, what makes your heart rate speed up? From majestic landscapes, colorful and picturesque buildings and lost cities to mysterious landmarks, gorgeous weather and natural wonders, here is a collection of places in Asia worth visiting for.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

Perched on a cliff-top, Bhutan’s Taktsang monastery also known as the Tiger’s Nest is one of the most magnificent temples in the world. It is a sacred monastery built on a rocky cliff 3,000 feet above the Paro Valley.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery is believed to be the birthplace of Buddhism in Bhutan making it the most sacred monastery in the country. The monastery was built in 1692 around the cave where Guru meditated. Today, it is a cultural icon of Bhutan.

A trip to Bhutan is not complete without a visit to this sacred site because of the unique location and view that will leave you mesmerized.


Rainbow Family Village, Taiwan:

A resident of military dependents’ village famous as Grandpa Rainbow paints his village a little more and more, bringing the village’s rundown surfaces back to life with his vibrant colors and characters, and giving it the name “Rainbow Family Village”.

It is said that the old man paints to save his village from demolition by the government. No matter what the backstory is, the village has become something of an out-of-the-way tourist destination. This village will make you in love as you see all the colors and it will move you deep inside your heart.


Shinjuku Gyoen, Japan:

This beautiful park is located in Tokyo. Shinjuku Gyoen spreads over 58.3 hectares, and presents a unique blend of Western and Japanese elements.

The park features a French Formal garden, English Landscape garden and Japanese garden with a tea house. Shinjuku Gyoen is a large park 3.5 kilometers in circumference. The park has 3 gates and several nearby stations.

This park is so beautiful and the best part of it is the Japanese garden area. It’s so traditional and exactly what you want to see when you’re on a holiday to Japan!


Siem Reap, Cambodia:

Siem Reap, which literally means the “Defeat of Siam”, is the most prosperous region of contemporary Cambodia. With plenty of touristic attractions, it still doesn’t feel overcrowded. You will be able to take in the culture and habits of locals.

The heart of Siem Reap’s tourist district is known as Old Market. This part of town is home to a large concentration of restaurants and shops geared towards an ever-increasing number of American, British and European tourists.


siem reap

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam:

Ha Long Bay has 2000 or more islands rising from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin that is inhabited by about 1,600 people living in floating villages forming a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars and it fills your vision with breathtaking beauty.

The beauty of the nature will leave you in awe. The site’s outstanding scenic beauty is complemented by its great biological interest.



Danxia Landform, China:

The Zhangye Danxia landform is admired by many artists as it appears like a perfect painting on canvas. This place is formed out of red sandstone and strong forces, this eye candy landscape was added to the World Heritage List in 2010.

In addition to too many beautiful tourist spots for the eye to behold, there exist perfect ecological environment, widespread ecological communities, famous trees and wild animals on the peaks and in the valleys. Believe it or not, this Technicolor range actually exist, this is one of the places you must see for yourself.


The Mekong Delta, Vietnam:

The Mekong Delta covers an area of approximately 15,000 square miles (40,000 square kilometers) to the west of Ho Chi Minh City.

This is an area of lush, tropical and fertile lands, vegetables, exotic fruits (coconuts, mangoes, rambutan) and fishing also feature prominently here. Life in the Mekong Delta revolves much around the river, and all the villages are often accessible by river as well as by road and you can get off the river at different locations, to visit the city or temples. The friendly locals will welcome you with warmly.


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