200 children admitted to Children Hospital Multan in the past 15 days


The reported cases in the Children Medical Hospital Multan has reached 200 in the ongoing month of March. Fifty-three fresh cases of gastroenteritis were reported from various other public sector hospitals in Multan in one day.

The senior doctor at the Children Hospital Multan informed that Gastroenteritis is an infection of the gut (intestines). The severity can range from a mild stomach upset for a day or two with mild diarrhea, to severe diarrhea and being sick (vomiting) for several days or longer. Many germs (viruses, bacteria and other microbes) can cause gastroenteritis.

He said that major cases of Gastroenteritis are recorded in summers, and the Hospital sees maximum patients between the end of April and the start of May.

He further said that 60 to 70 percent of the children facing Gastroenteritis are treated and sent home the same day while few are kept for more around 2 days who are commonly facing intense dehydration.

Affected children who are in stable condition should avoid serious medications as Ibuprofen and other medications have been seen to worsen Gastroenteritis and antibiotics do not help much.  In mild situations it is best to rest and let the disease tapper of in period of maximum 10 days, but it is important to have medical expert’s attention at times of dehydration.

Signs of dehydration include not urinating, dry mouth, the crying of child without tears, fever over 102 F, lack of energy, crankiness, soft spot on the top of the baby’s head is sunken, blood or pus in stool or dark tarry stool.

Viruses are the most common cause of gastroenteritis. Viruses are easily spread from one person to another by close contact. This is often because of the virus being present on people’s hands after they have been to the toilet. Surfaces or objects touched by the infected person can also allow transmission of the virus.

According to medical experts, the virus can also be passed on if the infected person prepares food, or feeds the young. Outbreaks of a virus causing gastroenteritis in many people can occur – for example, in schools, hospitals or nursing homes.

According to the round doctor at Children Medical Hospital, general pollution, bacteria in water, and not cleaning hands before eating and after using the toilet helps the bacteria and the virus to spread. Adding to this, he said that simple acts of boiling water, milk, cleaning hands on regular basis can bring a huge decrease in the virus.

The doctor informed that the virus is more infectious in children than in adults and the virus may easily take lives if not taken care of. He said it is important for patients of Gastroenteritis to use a lot of water. Children should be taken in great care by parents in the disease and should be provided clean water at regular basis or it may lead to severe dehydration and in some situations death.

The senior doctors informed that public should stay more cautious in rainy seasons as a relation has been observed between rain and the increase in number of Gastroenteritis disease.  Rainfall and over flowing gutters increase the growth of bacteria and the spread of the virus.

The government should focus on working on the overflowing gutters and should locate areas where sewerage problem is seen and act accordingly to remove the sewerage problems. Furthermore, in areas where clean water is a major problem, the government should focus on installing clean water plants.

The senior doctor at the Children medical Hospital informed that the government Rotavirus is the most common reason for the disease, which can be avoided be nationwide spread of Rotavirus vaccines and importantly in the affected areas such as Multan.

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