Parenting Advice for Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are not a lost cause! You as parents can make sure that they lead a self-sufficient and happy lives.


Children with disabilities are not a lost cause! You as parents can make sure that they lead a self-sufficient and happy lives.

Disability among children, be it mental or physical, can be a real challenge for parents. It’s not only worrisome but many moms and dads don’t know how to handle children with disabilities.

The one thing you as a parent need to understand is that if you lose hope and courage, your baby will have a hard time dealing with the situation.

You need to stay strong. Find out everything you can do to make the situation less traumatic for the child, while helping them lead a happy, normal life.

Children with Disabilities1

As long as you are equipped with the right information, you can manage the situation well. These tips will give you a head start on what needs to be done.

Figure Out What It Is

The very first thing you need to do is find out exactly what kind of disability your baby is suffering. Is it a learning disability? ADHD? Autism? What is it? Only when you accurately know what your child is going through, will you be able to help them.

•  Get multiple diagnosis and read up as much as you can about it.
•  Monitor your child’s symptoms and question them and their doctors, teaches or caretakers.
•  Ask the doctor for how they need to be treated.
•  If there are any medications involved, research them well and do not hesitate in giving them.
•  If therapy is needed, be sure to get all the sessions done right on time.

There are times when learning disabilities can be cured pretty easily. Same may be the case with your child, so please pay special attention to what your doctor is asking of you.

Talk to Others

This is essential! If your child has some disabilities, you need to openly discuss it with family, friends and acquaintances like teachers or kids at school.

Not everyone knows your kid the way you do, but you can educate them and get them to empathize. Let people know exactly what the disability is and how best it can be handled. If necessary and if the situation is severe, get your child in a school where there are other kids like him/her. You will be surprised by how much that benefits your child.

Be Patient

They are trying, honestly. Your children are not doing this deliberately no matter how much it may seem to be that way. Likewise, the nature is not taking any revenge from you or punishing you for anything.

Children with Disabilities2

God simply believes that you are strong enough to raise children with disabilities. The more patient and loving you are, the better your little one will get.

Try to connect with other parents who have kids with similar disabilities. Your doctor and other known people can help you here.

Remember, you can get through this and your child can lead a worthwhile life. Just make sure you equip them with the skills so they can do the best they can and be happy with who they are. Good luck!

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