A Guide to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not something that should be decided upon impulsively. It is taking a responsibility to bring and raise a real life human being in this world. And it’s not just confined to giving them food and a roof to live under. It’s about giving them a proper upbringing, teaching them to be good human beings, kind and helpful and educating them. You must protect them first from any physical harm when are babies and don’t know how to walk and talk, and then from the mental harm and negative influences in their lives when they grow up. It’s like taking a job that never ends. Of course the rewards of such a dealing are great and infinite to watch your child grow and succeed

Even the part before the baby is born is extremely tolling and difficult for the parents, especially the mother. Did you know that a child in the womb gets its calcium by sucking it out of its mother’s bones? This is why women experience osteoporosis later in life. A mother has to be ten times as careful about what she puts in her body and where she goes, how she travels etc. doctors visits, checkups, ultrasounds test, hospitalizations are routine for pregnant women. And in the end its makes it all worthwhile. But if we were a bit more thoughtful and prepared before we decide to take on such a role, then this journey might be made slightly easier. Are you ready to find out? Go through this basic pregnancy guide to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Clean Up Your Act

If you’re thinking of getting pregnant, the first thing you should do is stop all of your habits that might get in the way of you conceiving or create problems in your pregnancy. These include smoking, drinking alcohol and other recreational drugs. If you want your baby to be healthy and thriving then you must stay away from these things as they hinder the fetal growth and can have negative impact on the maternal health as well.

Start Tracking Your Cycle

Ideally, every single woman should be doing this since the start of puberty, but now’s a great time to start too. Notice any irregularities or abnormal bleeding patterns. Use apps to find out what day you’re ovulating during, because these are the day when your chances of getting pregnant are the highest. If you notice anything abnormal in your cycle, visit a gynecologist and get it treated as some of these symptoms can be indicative of bigger problems that might prevent you from conceiving.

Start Taking Multivitamins and Folate

Calcium, vitamin A and folic acids are just a few of the nutrients that you will need an abundance of in your body to maintain another life inside you. They can help prevent congenital diseases and maintain a healthy fetus. Of course before starting anything, you must consult a doctor.


Check whatever vaccines you might be missing and get them completed. The vaccinations we get as a child do wear off with time and our chances of catching those diseases rise. This is especially dangerous if this happens during pregnancy as the mother can transmit them to the baby. So, it’s always better to be prepared.

Clean Up Your Diet

Start eating healthy now whilst you’re trying to conceive. This will ensure that you body is well enough to support a pregnancy and not drain itself out in the process. Greens, fruits, vegetables, proteins are just some of the things you may want to increase in your daily intake.

Talk to Your Mother, Sisters and Grandmother

Most pregnancy patterns are hereditary. Chances are your experience will be very similar to that of your mother or sister. So, it’s better to talk to them and get an idea of what your future might hold for you or what precautions you might want to take for a smoother sailing.

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