8 Proven Ways to Get Pregnant


A lot of women struggle in getting pregnant because they do not have the correct information regarding conceiving. There is no complicated science that you need to keep up with but just a few tips. Following are a few tips to get pregnant fast if that is what you are wishing for.

1. Have Unprotected yet Safe Sex

Have sex without condom for a year and there is 84 percent chance of you getting pregnant. Have sex thrice a week and you increase the chances. Keeping your dates in mind is important, but they keep on varying, so make sure that you prioritize sex and give it time. Don’t just rush to your doctor after having sex just twice or thrice. Give it time.

2. Know Your Dates

Knowing about your cycle is important. The most fertile time is the time of ovulation, so keep a calendar to keep a check. If you find that hard, download an application on your phone to track your dates. An egg only survives a day or two, so have sexual intercourse with your husband regularly to not let go of that one egg.

3. Folic Acid

Women are often advised to take folic acid each day. This will not only increase your chances of conceiving, but also ensure good health of your baby once you get pregnant. Have folic acid regularly (as prescribed by your doctor) once you decide to get pregnant and have it in the first three months of pregnancy to prevent diseases like spina bifida.

4. Relax

Stress is your biggest enemy. It will not only decrease your chances of getting pregnant, but also make you weaker. Take out an hour for yoga or for a walk every single day. This will help you stay calm. A lot of women face hormonal imbalances if they are too stressed out which obviously decreases their chance of getting pregnant. Plan outdoor physical activities with your spouse to build a healthy relationship and de-stress yourself.

5. Quit Smoking

Quit smoking if you are planning to have a baby. Because you never know when you might get pregnant and then it will be hard to quit. So, quit smoking cigarettes or any other form of drug beforehand. Smoking reduces fertility in women which decreases your chance of conceiving and even if you do, you expose your future child to many diseases just by smoking.

6. Healthy Weight

Make sure that you meet the standards of BMI. Gaining weight means infertility in women. You are most likely going to get PCOS or some other disease. This decreases your chance of getting pregnant. Don’t be too skinny or anorexic either. Eat healthy and maintain a healthy body weight according to your nutritionist and BMI. Too much weight gain or weight loss may lead to miscarriages which is again, infertility.

7. Sex Positions

Discover different sexual positions with your spouse. However, scientifically it has been proven that missionary position is the best if you are trying to conceive. This helps sperm enter the cervix. Tilt your uterus by putting a cushion under your back to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

8. Check-ups

Make sure that your spouse is healthy. Get him to get his sperms checked. Some people find it embarrassing to even get this sort of check-up. However, to ensure health of the fetus, the sperms need to be healthy. To increase the chances of getting pregnant, good sperm count is necessary.

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