10 Challenges New Parents Face


A newborn is one of life’s greatest joys. They are incredible in every way, and when the day arrives that new parents can finally take baby home and begin life together, the excitement is palpable. But the scenarios new parents will face are as unique as their child

Check out these 10 challenges new parents face.

1. Other people telling you what to do

And you can’t even say anything about it.

2. Changing diapers

When you’re not fast enough and don’t have enough practice…

3. Not oversharing your baby on social media

They’re so adorable that everyone needs to see pictures of them all day, every day.

4. All of the laundry

The amount of laundry from the spit ups and diaper slips doubled to the point where you didn’t even know you had that many clothes.

5. Trying not poke your baby to make sure they’re breathing

Because sometimes the rise and fall of their chest is not enough.

6. Trusting your baby with other people

You can’t trust anyone and make every excuse to protect your baby. They might kidnap them? Or hurt them? Or…?

7. You’re doing things you never thought you’d do before you had a baby

All those embarrassing things you thought you’d never say before you had a baby and saw others with their children.

8. You fall asleep whenever you can, wherever you can.

Because sleeping through the whole night without disturbances is no longer an option.

9. The weirdest things come out of your bags

As a parent, you definitely can’t afford to carry useless things like your sunglasses or earphones. You need to be prepared for literally every situation.

10. Getting spit up on

When all you wanted to do was spend quality time and bond with him.


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