You have been applying makeup the wrong way your entire life!


According to a popular misconception, applying makeup is supposedly quite undemanding and effortless. But many are unaware of how underestimated a form of craft and technique it really is.

No, using all the high end makeup products is not going to help the situation. There has to be a certain degree of prior knowledge before you pick up your makeup wands and do the magic on your face.

The magic spell goes in a different order for every feature; for the eyes and eyebrows there is a separate regime to follow, while for lips there is another and that for nose and cheeks is a completely different setup. Therefore, a thorough makeup routine guide should be followed to achieve that celebrity-style confidence shining on your face.

Furthermore it should be emphasized that any makeup product bought should be absolutely non-comedogenic as they would not result in clogged pores or acne. Secondly, the foundation color tone along with the concealer and the primer tones should be with respect to what your natural skin tone is and should also simultaneously coordinate with each other – otherwise you can expect a sheer makeup disaster.

Here is how a proper makeup regime should follow through:


Normally, people begin their makeup by applying foundation. But is it right to begin with it? No, indeed not. The skin has to be prepared in advance as this is the most crucial part of one’s makeup regime. After washing your face with a non-comedogenic face wash, follow it by your normal skincare routine. This could mean toning your skin with a reliable skin-toner. It should be noted that the toner should be applied by dripping some of it on a cotton dab and then pressing it on to the face. This could also be substituted by spraying rose water as it is also known to hydrate the skin and bring out that healthy glow.


Next, you should apply an oil-free moisturizer to your face. Although modern day makeup comes with moisturizer, primer and sun-block infused together, in case your moisturizer does not have either of these, apply them separately so as to prepare the skin for the application of foundation. The order is such that the sun-block comes after the moisturizer and is followed by the primer. Primarily, a primer is necessary to minimize any visible pores on your face but it also softens the skin.


After preparing the skin, you can now start applying foundation. It would be difficult to apply it smoothly without the help of a foundation brush. A Kabuki brush is more popular for this purpose, though separate foundation brushes can also be used. Kabuki has a shape that is wide and has a rounded top. This brings about that airbrushed effect on the face, making it look smoother and more velvety than ever

Also, this can play the role of a foundation brush, a blush brush as well as a loose powder brush. If there is someone who would like to prefer a body balm cream instead of applying foundation, then that is also correct.


Concealer should be applied after the foundation because putting on anything over the concealer would cause it to move from its place and consequently it will have to be reapplied. Top your foundation off with translucent powder or any loose powder using the Kabuki brush.


Coming to the eyes, first of all, the eye makeup determines what look one has opted for; whether it is killer smoky eyes, or dramatic deep blue party eyes, or bridal eyes or even Arab eyes, the pattern followed to achieve either of the looks is the same. Make sure that the colors used are according to where they are meant to be used to give the desired look.

First of all, just like the face, eyelids also need to be prepared by using an eye primer. This acts as a sealing between the eyelid and the eye makeup so as to prevent any oil secretions getting in contact with the makeup. Then a base eye-shadow should be applied, the role of which is to ensure the colors applied stand out more vibrantly and do not fade away.

Skipping out this step is what makes the eye shadows fade some time after the application. After this, inner corner eye-shadow, lid eye-shadow, crease eye-shadow, outer corner and under eye eye-shadows should be applied, the shades of each of them depends on the look you want. Apply eyeliner after this and curl your lashes using a hot lash curler. This would give a blow dried effect to the lashes. Follow it by mascara or any false lashes.


Eyebrows are more important than you think so do not forget to do them with perfection. Yet again, apply a primer on the eyebrows which can be safely substituted by eyebrow wax. Apply eyebrow pencil in a shade which is with respect to your eyebrow color and then apply eyebrow powder after which you are good to go!


Coming to the cheeks, they fairly depend on the shape of your jaw-line. You are supposed to apply a bronzer, then blush and then highlighter.

The blush and highlighters are applied on the highest points of one’s face while bronzer is applied such that the cheeks should be sucked in and the “hollow” which is created should be followed by your makeup brush.


To create that gorgeous pout, apply lip primer yet again. Follow this by lip pencil application around the lips and then filling in with a lipstick and coating it with a lip gloss. You can even skin lip gloss if it’s too hot to apply it and to ensure long lasting lipstick, apply translucent powder on it.

This marks the end of a perfect makeup guide for you to follow wherever you are aiming to turn heads. Just remember, be confident and stay confident!

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