The Best Lipstick Colors For Your Skin Tone


There’s this shade that you love. It’s a deep maroon, with blue undertones- you saw Deepika wear the exact same shade. However, you’ve now spent a hefty amount on acquiring this shade BUT it just doesn’t look that great on you. Why?

Let us explain

The color of your lipstick should be chosen according to your skin tone and also, to some extent, according to the shape and size of your lips.

We often make the mistake of not looking into these factors and simply buy the colors we like (especially true for online shopping).

Here is a simple guide that you need to follow:

Know your skin’s undertone

The undertone of your skin can be either warm, cool or neutral.

Here’s what you can try to determine where you stand:

  • Does gold jewelry suit your skin better or silver? If gold, then your tone is warm. If silver, then your tone if cool. If you look great in both, then you’re neutral.
  • Do you look washed out in pure white? Your tone is cool. However, if white is your go-to color, then your tone is warm.
  • The ultimate test is through the color of the veins in your arms. Externally. Duh. In natural day light, examine the color of your veins on your arms and wrists. If they look bluish or sort of purple, then your skin tone is cool. On the other hand, if they look greenish, then you are warm

Best color for cool undertones

  • Lipsticks with bluish undertones. The red you choose should not be towards the orange palette, rather it should be towards the purple.
  • Steer away from colors that are too light for you. They can make you look washed out and tired.

Best color for warm undertones

  • Warm undertones work well with warm colors. Bring out the orange.
  • Deeper colors look naturally flattering, like plum.
  • If you want to wear a nude lip, choose a color that is at least one shade darker than your skin tone

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Best colors for neutral undertones

  • The best of both worlds. You can experiment with many different colors and settle on whatever you think looks best.
  • Since you can pull off most looks, try going for edgier colors that stand out. Perhaps a purple?

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Rules of thumb for South-Asian skin tones

  • If you are a lighter skinned brown girl, then follow the colors for warm undertones. And remember, a good nude lipstick goes a long way- however, choose one with pinkish undertones rather than orange.
  • If you are tan skinned (or wheat-ish, as we like to call it), bright colors are IT for you! You can rock the fuchsias and magentas as well as that Barbie pink we’re too scared to try.
  • If you are dark skinned, then choose deep colors that will complement your skin tone. You can definitely veer towards the oranges and browns. Avoid colors that are lighter than you skin tone, as they will add grey-ish quality to your lips.

We’re just here to guide you but YOU do YOU best, so flaunt whichever color you’re feeling with confidence and that’s all you need for the perfect look.

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