Tone Your Body with One Yoga Move


The upward salute, a pose in many yoga forms, is a natural way to tone your body, often done automatically after sleeping or sitting for long periods.

Standing up and reaching the arms overhead awakens the body from toes to fingertips, providing a boost of energy. It’s a simple way to feel rejuvenated! Standing up assimilates all the energy from toes that revolve around the entire body.

See what does it tone?

Upward salute helps to stretch the armpits, shoulders, thighs and belly. It also tones up the upper thighs and arms. The breathing pattern of the upward salute lets the yogis’ exhale out all the congestion in their lungs, thus the posture is helpful in conditions like asthma and other obstructive disorders.

Precautions to take

People with neck, back or arm injuries should not extend the arms in an upward swing and stretch. Mountain pose is more helpful for such patients. Also remember not to extend back your head so much that it feels dizzy always look forward after some time of extension.

The Pose

Step one; Stand in the Mountain Pose. Extend the arms outward such that the palms face away from the lower body and thumbs also point outward. Now with a swing, raise the arms up to point toward the ceiling.

Step two; if your shoulders feel too tight or you have to try too hard to meet them don’t push to keep them parallel to each other. If it is possible for you to bring the shoulders forward, try touching the palms together and finally let the fingers meet.

Step three: Straighten the elbows fully and let your thumbs point toward the crown of the head. Extend the head back and don’t let it compress your neck and stare at the thumbs with your head slightly tilted back.

Step four; Let the chest protrude forward. Straighten the tailbone toward the floor. Lift the sternum away from the pelvic bone. Hold your breath for a second.

Step five: Swing your arms out to the side. Bring the torso in front of the hip s and fold your body into standing forward bend.

Simple tips that will get you going

  • Make sure to keep your shoulders in line with the hips. If you have difficulty keeping the legs together and stretching at first, you can always keep the hips slightly apart first and then bring them together slowly.
  • Don`t let the ribs come too forward. Beginner`s can take support from a wall at first.  Those with shoulder or neck injuries should avoid fully raising their arms overhead. Instead, practice Mountain Pose or a gentler arm variation.
  • Never turn your gaze upwards if it hurts your neck or if you become lightheaded or dizzy. Instead, continue to gaze forward at the horizon.
  • Always work within your own range of limits and abilities. In case of pregnant women, they should widen their stance as much as possible while practising this pose so as to ensure stability.

Health Benefits

  1. The upward salute yoga stretches the sides of the body, spine, shoulders, armpits, and belly.
  2. It tones the thighs.
  3. Improves digestion.
  4. It helps to relieve anxiety and fatigue.
  5. It helps create space in the chest and lungs, which aids healing of asthma and congestion.
  6. Properly aligns the spinal column.
  7. Helps protect the spinal muscles and nerves during other movements.
  8. Improves posture by creating space between the vertebrae.
  9. Helps to prepare the spine for deeper stretches and twists.
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