Mental Health And Smartphones – Important Things To Know!


Emotional, psychological and social well being are important for mental health. And the increased interaction of technology with humans is definitely affecting our psychological well-being. However, we still can’t deny the fact that we are highly dependent on technological development nowadays, especially communication devices, such as smartphones and social media.

The question arises, are there any smart technologies that can help with mental health?

health and smartphones

In the words of Laura Germine, Ph.D., it’s found that new technologies have helped with the registration of some new brain activities, but their contribution to mental health challenges isn’t clear.

Mrs. Laura further said that the ‘Psychiatry Summit at Harvard Medical School’ aims to get together scientists from different sectors and technologies so they can begin work in the conjugation of mental health and technological development.

The most significant people at the summit will be Mr. Tom Insel, Mr. Kumar Garg, Mrs.Carey Goldberg, Mr. Gary Gottlieb, Mrs. Roz Picard, Mrs. Sarah Lenz,in addition to 40 presenters.

Mr. Justin T. Baker has announced that the summit attendees will have the chance to research and give pointers regarding the current position of mental health care and new ideas in technology – mental health care interaction. He further said that the chance to better understand and treat mental illness with the use of new technologies is much higher. Just as there’s a high record of a large number of people making the most of recreational activities that betsson casino offers.

Mr. Baker also announced that development is going in a positive direction with new challenges, and that clinical and research scientists will have to adapt according to the challenges of new possible tools in assessment and treating illnesses.

Mental Health

Mr. Baker accentuated the importance of the involvement of  individual management in building a system of accessible mental health care for everyone.

Mr. Baker, Ms.Germine, Mr. Scott L. Rauch, Ms. Kerry J. Ressler and Mr. Ipsit Vahia are the main organizers of this challenging summit.

Ms. Germine also announced that this summit will be a great event in which great potential ideas from various scientists and philosophers will be brought in light.

The summit is planned for a limited number of visitors and its sponsorship is large.

The Technology on Psychiatry Summit will be a great gathering in which scientists and practitioners will get some new conclusions.

Smart technologies nowadays do have plenty of everyday tasks handling. Investigating new possibilities through polite communication skills will educate a lot of people in understanding stress and difficulties through assignments.

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