Meditation Tips for Beginners


Are you craving more peace and less havoc in your life? Is the busy life at work and home getting to your nerves? Let me give you an easy solution for that: Meditation.

We all wish for a few moments of utter silence almost every day; moments when the brain worries about nothing, when it is totally blank. We need time to our-self, to clear out our thoughts and give our brain a break every once in a while. That way, our brain power is optimized and we feel refreshed. Meditating the right way is the key to achieving the absolute feelings of satisfaction and bliss.

For beginners who are just learning about the amazing benefits of meditation, here is a small warning: It can be frustrating at first. You just have to hang in there!

Don’t Rush!

Remember that practice makes man perfect. Practice mediation every day even if just for 5 minutes. The key is to be persistent and not give up. You may not see the benefits of meditation right away- it takes time for the brain to learn to shut down all thoughts and relax.

Beginning Meditation

It is awfully tough for any beginner to sit in one position for hours and think about absolutely nothing. An easy trick to make us of is to start off with a deep breath: Inhale and exhale deeply. FOCUS on the breaths you are taking. This is an example of “Concentration Meditation”. This technique involves focusing on a single point. Besides focusing on your breath, you can also repeat a single word or mantra to help you concentrate.

Initially, it is very challenging to concentrate for more than a few minutes. But know that it’s normal and practice will help you work it longer with every passing day.

While focusing on your breath or repeating the mantra, let loose of your body, let go of all the frustrations and stresses. Don’t try too hard to empty your brain of thoughts, just let them float away and go back to focusing on breath.

Pick the room of your choice to mediate:

Before you meditate, make sure you pick a room with minimal noise and distractions. Also keep all your electronic devices off and away. It is integral to set up a peaceful set up. Preferably dim the lights, or light up your room with candles. To help your mind and body to relax, burn some calming essential oils such as lavender. A scented candle or a bouquet of flowers may also add to a pleasant experience.

While at it, also tell your house mates not to distract you and give them an allotted time period.

Lower your expectations

To fully appreciate the advantages of mediation, remember to stay committed to the act. Remind yourself that you need to give it time in case you get frustrated, which you most probably will. Immediate results are impractical for beginners.

The Gist of It

  1. Set up a peaceful spot in your house.
  2. Dim the lights and make it smell pleasant.
  3. Sit up with your back straight on a comfortable chair. The ideal position is to sit with your legs crossed.
  4. Remember to start with a deep breath.
  5. Throughout the process, remember to focus on your breath. Brush off any wandering thoughts but don’t try too hard or you may frustrate yourself before time.
  6. Start off slowly. Do it for 5 minutes or less on the first day, and keep increasing your time each day or however you may find it comfortable.
  7. Lastly, don’t surrender and stay unswerving!
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