Lack Motivation? Here are Some Tips and Tricks to Get You Out of a Funk


If you are looking for ways to achieve your New Year’s resolution, this is not your article. This article will provide you with easy, do-able tricks to break your motivational funk.

Everyone wants to get somewhere in life. Maybe you want to get better grades in school, or work harder to get a promotion. Maybe you want to become famous, change the world and make millions. You know you can do it, but you also know all that isn’t happening with you spending all your time awkwardly positioned and glued to the couch. Everyone wants to be their most productive, as do you I’m sure. So what’s stopping you? Fatigue? Procrastination? Lack of motivation? Here’s a few easy tricks to kick-start your rusted engine and make it run for as long as it has life.

Tip 1: Think about ‘Why?’

You have an exam to study for, or a deadline to meet, and you keep focusing on WHAT and HOW much work you have to do. That’s dull. Focusing on the tedious things will make you want to sleep, or do anything else in the world except what you should really be doing.

The key is to put all your energy into WHY you have to do that certain thing. Think about why you must study for the exam, or why you must finish the assigned task before the deadline. Now that you’re on the right track, you will start getting the right kind of motivation. You’ll start remembering your ultimate goal and in order to reach THAT you need to finish this task, which is one of the many tasks you must achieve to get nearer to the finish point.

Tip 2: Get Active

Do it! Strike a high-power pose for a jolt of confidence. Your body language has a greater impact on your over-all energy than you might have imagined. Whenever you feel you don’t have any incentive and are out of the zone, straighten up and start moving around as if you were really motivated to do something. Trick your body and mind into believing that you’re really determined and excited. It may sound silly and you may look funny if you do it at work surrounded by your colleagues, but this truly works!

Tip 3: Tag along a Friend

Don’t feel like working out today? Call a friend and ask him/her to accompany you to the gym! Would you rather relax than study? Ask some friends to get together and conduct a study session. It always helps when you have someone to motivate you when feeling down.

Tip 4: Stop Planning and Start Doing

If you expend all your time and energy into planning your tasks for the whole week, you won’t have enough of it left by the time you actually need to start working! Set small goals one after the other. When you accomplish those small goals, you’ll automatically feel accomplished and motivated to work further!

Wake up early and try doing all the important stuff in the morning. Building momentum early in the day will really help carry you forward far later.

Tip 5: Develop a Mantra

It could be anything and anywhere. Think about what it is that motivates you. Does it give you a strange rush when you think about your dream college, or your dream job? Set it as your desktop background! It could be a phrase, quote, picture anything. Stick it on your sidewall, on your door, set a reminder, or keep it in your wallet.

The instant you come across it, it’ll get you thinking and give you the run you need to get up and get going.

Tip 6: Reward Yourself

Lastly, after achieving every set goal, reward yourself! But make sure it doesn’t contradict your goal. Don’t reward yourself with an upsize meal at McDonalds after losing a pound; it’s self-defeating.

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