Healthy Behaviors Most People Think are Negative


Most of the time your mind and body know what you need and what is right for you. Yet, you avoid your instinct and shoo away emotional feelings and behaviors that you think are negative. Some of them may even be, but confusing healthy behaviors with negative may really affect your personality and well-being.

Take a look at these commonly confused behaviors and correct yourself if needed.


Many people take anger to be a negative emotion – it’s not. Anger is just like any other emotion – you may feel angry when your personal space is invaded or a set boundary has been crossed. The negative way of dealing with an emotion like anger is by avoiding it. If you don’t avoid it, it will transform into rage and depression.

Anger is one of those emotions which will help you feel liberated once you begin to feel it but channel it  into something positive. Go scream into a pillow and take it out. Then, get over it. Not over it yet? Get busy into doing something fun. Think about positive ways of channeling your energy. Remember: DON’T deny it! Healthy anger is your liberator.


Many confuse crying for vulnerability in a negative way. Just like anger, crying is also a healthy emotional feeling or response to certain situations. Some cry of pain and sorrow, others of joy and happiness. Anyone can feel overwhelmed and shed a tear or two – that doesn’t mean they are not strong!

Crying makes us more human than you might think. It may also be an attractive quality to friends and others, because it shows that you are ready to be open to all in your truest, most sensitive form. Crying helps our psyche release energy that would otherwise harm us and make us rigid, more than we need to.

Being Alone

Being alone doesn’t translate into “loner.” Sometimes, being alone may be more important than you realize. However, too much of alone time might be worrisome.

With the world pacing so fast, and the voices in our head never taking a break, it’s a healthy choice to lay back and isolate one self. Don’t forget that the worlds’ greatest thinkers, philosophers and artists all appreciated their time alone to re-ignite their passion. Temporarily turning off all external stimuli to go on a journey with your own self might be one of the best things one can do. It helps straighten out plans, thoughts and your whole life. For one to be attractive to others, it is highly essential to be completely comfortable with your own self and know oneself.

Not Fitting In

Not fitting in can be one of be the most troubling and difficult things to face in life, especially when growing up and in school. Everyone wants to be a part of the “cool people group,” but it may not be so easy for all. But, why is that a negative thing? Think of it like this: If you fail to fit in, that means you think outside the box, your approach is beyond the norm and that is the fertile ground for extraordinary.

Breaking Rules

Breaking rules does not make you imperfect or evil. If anything, it makes you more human. Rules are set by humans and breaking them is also human. Think and decide for yourself if the set rule is doing you any good, but don’t go overboard. Not to mislead you, but once you go beyond these rules, you will find true solace, excitement and answers. We see people like Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as our ideals; they also stepped outside the boundary of rules in a way that left their name in history.

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