Coming Out of the Closet with Depression


Confessing you have depression is synonymous to confessing that you have lost your head and are part of the la la land. It really is that bad! And when it comes to Pakistan, the situation gets worse! People either refuse to accept that it is a problem, or if they do find out, the whole problem is hidden behind closed doors.

Try even mentioning at home that you are going through a depressive episode. If you are of age, your parents will either immediately start preparing for your marriage or give you a huge lecture on how far from religion you are becoming. These responses are pretty common all over the world but in Pakistan, depression is just not taken seriously enough.

It is high time that people be educated about the seriousness of depression and its repercussion if not treated or acknowledged in time. Here is some information that may be of help to you or people around you.

It is not a Phase!

Most people think that depression is the same as sadness. This is where misconception starts. Yes, depression involves feelings of immense sadness, but it is so much more. Sadness is definitely not the worst part. Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and emptiness are worse. They take you to the edge of desperation, leaving you no choice but wanting to end it all.


Yet this is not a phase. Please understand this. If your or your loved one is facing depression, know that it is not a phase. You won’t simply wake up one day and be done with the whole episode. Depression may lessen or increase from time to time, but it takes proper therapy or a course of medication to end completely.

Talk to Someone Who Understands

This is essential. Don’t confide in just about anyone. Talk to a person who you know will take you seriously. This could be anyone, from your family member to your best friend, teacher, boss or even the neighbor who you are close to. Explain to them everything that you have been going through.

If there is some trigger to your depressive episodes, find that out and try to sort it. Discussing helps many people, so try to see how it works for you.

Seek Professional Help

If you feel that your parents, spouse or friends may not take you seriously enough, get in touch with a counselor. You may need professional help even if you are able to confide about the problem at home. Get yourself properly diagnosed and then take it from there.


Depending on severity, you may need therapy or medication. Be sure to follow the treatment properly.

You can Beat it!

Depression is curable, just like heart problems and flu. It is a mental condition that can be sorted out once taken notice of. Don’t lose hope and ask for help. You can get rid of the problem, you just have to be willing to solve it.

Remember, you are not alone!

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