6 Ways to Gain Happiness


‘Money does not bring happiness.’ That is a wise saying, which explains that happiness is not material, in fact it is a spiritual way of living where an individual is in a content state with whatever they own and do not own. However, just like material objects and money, happiness can be pursued. Here are 6 ways to pursue and stay happy

Chose to Be Happy

Psychologists say that people can choose to be happy. They can alter their attitude and behavior towards life in such a way that they spread happiness where they go. When you wake up in the morning, consciously pick happiness over unhappiness and commit to yourself that you will spend a nice day.

Practice Smiling

One of the simplest changes you can bring to your dull mood and alter your behavior is by illuminating your face with a smile. A wise man once said ‘a smile is the best curve.’ If you go up to a street vendor, scornfully ask him for vegetables, he might not give you the bargain you are looking for. But with a pleasant facial appearance, the deal is yours. That is how most of the world works. Be the person who people seek to talk to, not someone who repels.

Positive Thoughts

Try and see the world is a brighter light and have an optimistic approach. Positive thoughts are known to attract positive energy, according to yogis. This positive energy brings happiness and vibrancy to your mood and surrounding. The problems that you are facing fall into place automatically if you walk into your problem which could be an exam, interview, or just a talk to your parents. An optimistic mind is a happy and stress free mind. When you are stress free you are prepared to face challenges. This preparedness raises your self-esteem and you are more likely to succeed.


Meditation is a spiritual contact between body and mind that occurs in peace, when the body is relaxed and the mind is awake but quiet. When mind and body connect, the meditation feels much calmer. According to research, meditation expands the ‘happy regions’ of your brain and shrinks the ‘stress regions.’ Therefore meditation can positively affect your brain structure.

Be Thankful

The worst you can do to make yourself feel bad and lower your self-esteem is comparing yourself to others. It begins with general comparison, realizing what others have, how others are better than you and the last step is accumulation of negative feelings – like anger, jealousy and disappointment – in your brain, which makes you dysfunctional to juggle between work, family and relationships. Seek happiness in what you have and learn to enjoy the bounties bestowed on you. Once you begin to enjoy your own things, their value will rise in your life and they will become dearer to you. Cherish everything and everyone that you have.

Engage in Positive Relationships

In the recent world, the stress level in people is generally rising. It could be increasing competition, recession or work load that is causing it. However, our ancestors can be said to have a tougher life without any computers to do their math, or tractors to plough their crops or cars to move around. Then why are stress levels increasing now when it should be lesser? The sad truth is that where technology has found out ways to make life easier, it has also found devices that take us apart. Every child nowadays owns a phone or an ipad, youngsters are busy taking selfies and texting while adults are busy taking their important phone calls. Shut down your devices for a while, and look at your friends and family around you. Share your problems with them and try to take their advice or simply spend time with them, give them love and take love in return. Feeling loved brings positivity and happiness to your mind. Happiness and love are both spiritual feelings that humans are designed to feel and enjoy. So seek out for love from the people around you.

Additionally, try to remain as stress free as you can. Perform yoga and various exercises to calm your mind and activate your mind. Fix your sleeping and hunger patterns. Enjoy your favorite meal but make sure to take in some antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics along with it. If you do not have close friends and family members you can always help out others to spread love. Helping out just does not mean to give people money, but spend time with unfortunate children in different foundations. Spread happiness and love where you can in order to gain your happiness.

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