6 home remedies for anxiety


Anxiety is the most natural human instinct. It is our body’s response to stress. We all experience nervousness and worry at various points in our lives.

Anxiety to a certain extent is normal. It is defined as the feeling of unease that we get when we feel threatened – the classic ‘fight and flight’ response of our body.

However, anxiety can become a serious debilitating disorder when it affects our daily lives in such a way that we cannot even go about our daily routine. A wide proportion of the world’s population is suffering from this disorder. Research has proven that the following home remedies are just as effective as medicine for curing anxiety and its symptoms.


Studies have proven that even moderate exercise sessions cause a marked reduction in stress and anxiety. Simple exercises like walking, running, aerobics, dancing and cardio will suffice. Exercise should be incorporated into our daily lives. The benefits are numerous and have a positive effect on overall health.


This is an age old trick in the book, which the gurus swear by. The best thing about mediation is that it requires zero effort and is easy to perform. Simply sit in a quiet place and breathe slowly, focus on your breaths and free your mind from all worries. This centuries’ old practice is bound to leave you stress-free.


You are what you eat. Foods high in processed sugar, fried and fatty foods cause an exacerbation of symptoms. Deficiency states involving vitamin B 12, iron and magnesium can also result in anxiety. Therefore, foods which contain a high proportion of these nutrients should be consumed. Fresh foods and vegetables are also a must.


The health risks associated with alcohol intake, coffee and cigarette smoking are just too obvious. Nicotine and caffeine have a deteriorating effect on overall mental and physical health and their intake should be restricted to minute quantities.


Idleness only serves to worsen the symptoms. Keeping oneself engaged in a particular hobby, listening to a favorite song, watching a movie, reading books and spending time with loved ones all have a calming effect.


These have a potent effect on emotion and behavior. Aromatherapy, massage or a warm bath with lavender, eucalyptus and basil have a soothing effect.

A disease is nothing more than just that, a disease. And therefore, it can always be cured if tackled rigorously. Try these remedies at home and see how effective they are for you!

About the author: Phariha Tarik is a medical student, avid writer and passionate about health and fitness.


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