Atif Aslam Opens Up about His Traumatic Past


Famous Pakistani singer and songwriter Atif Aslam shed light on his struggles with depression and marriage. Atif Aslam recently sat down for a candid chat with Anas Bukhash in AB Talks and dished over his struggles with depression and marriage.

The singer claimed, “I’m truly thankful for this time I get to spend time with my family. My life is the story of any artist – airports to airplanes, tour buses to venues; one continent to another. This time of staying at home has not worked out for many but it has for me in the best way possible.”

During a chat, Atif Aslam also talked about his childhood dreams and admitted, “I’m the youngest amongst my siblings. My stubbornness comes from there. When I was a kid, I never bonded with my siblings because of a drastic age difference. I have always been a naïve, sensitive kid who would disconnect with the world if not feeling right or in the correct headspace.”

Furthermore, the singer also talked about his first single ‘Aadat’, and that he invested his own money into the production of the song.

Atif Aslam has come a long way in his career. His journey is inspirational to all of us and it also teaches us a lesson that we shouldn’t always cry over our problems but rather we should be patients as everyone will have their own time to shine one day.

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