Winters in Karachi, as told by Karachiites


Aahh! Winters have finally graced the hot humid land of Karachi, the city we all love and love to hate. Although we were a little to race, nevertheless we now enjoy the season of dry fruits, coffee and bonfires.

In my opinion, Karachi would be the perfect city to live in if we had perpetual winters all year round. As you may have noticed, I’m obsessed with winters! But alas this bliss is not forever, for anyone who lives in Karachi knows that the ‘winter season’ lasts not more than a month. So I decided to ask some karachiites what their feelings were towards this brief spell of cold that has graced us.

What do winters in Karachi make you feel like?

“They make me feel so stylish! I love wearing long coats and fur boots and leather jackets!”

“Bonfires! I’ve been to so many bonfires this week only. I feel like this is best season to just sit by the bonfire and chill with friends with a steaming cup of coffee. It’s my favorite thing to do this season.”

“I feel like the entire season passes by so quickly because of the ten million shaadis happening! Why is it so important to get married in December and January? Are the rest of the months not good enough or something?”

“I feel fat! Winters make me extremely hungry and I’ve been stuffing my face with all kinds of dry fruits.”

“I feel like a scaly reptile. The cold is nice and all but what is up with the crazy dryness! I’ve been shedding skin every day.”

“Winters are so cozy and comfy. I love wearing thick socks and cozying up in my blanket with family.”

“Vacations dude! I’m not obsessed with winters but the fact that winter means vacation, makes it my second favorite season… after summer obviously.”

“Winters are the best because all my friends come back from universities abroad and we get to have a reunion.”

“Winter food is the best food ever! Try having garam garam tikkas, kattakut and kebabs with parathas. Garam jalebi, cold coffee, fudge cakes yumm! These items are enjoyed best in winters if you ask me.”

“I just love staying in my bed all day and reading my favorite books. I hate getting out of bed at all. I can’t even tell you how many classes I’ve missed because I overslept in my warm comfortable bed.”

“I feel confused. Winters here are so bipolar. In the morning it’s cold so I wear a sweater, but in the afternoon is gets quiet hot so I take it off. My room feels like its freezing but outside it’s not that bad. At night it gets freezing cold again. It’s so funny.”

“This is the most low-maintenance season ever. I wear jeans, a hoodie, some sneakers and I’m good to go. No need to straighten my hair or shave my arms.”

“My most favorite thing about winters is oranges! They’re my favorite fruit and I hate waiting an entire year to have fresh orange juice.”

“I love going to the restaurants near the sea side. Then you really feel like it winters! If you don’t eat your food quickly enough over there, it will literally start to congeal on your plate.”

“I feel very sick, ahaha. I’ve had a perpetually stuffy nose and sore throat this entire month. I can only survive because of hot tea and coffee.”

“I love winter mornings! My dad and I go to the neighborhood park every morning to jog and it’s the best thing ever”

So as you can see, most people love winters, just like me. That comment about hot barbecue made my mouth water as I was typing this article.

For most though, winters are about staying in and spending time with their loved ones and this is also why I love winters. For those of you who don’t like winters, we don’t need this kind of negativity in our lives so, see you never!

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