Which Pakistani Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We've matched your patriotism level through SONG


In light of the drizzle of patriotism Pakistan has been experiencing over the last week, we have put together a list of Pakistani songs based on your zodiac sign. These songs include defining features of your zodiac; find out which song you are and let us know if we got it right!


Your star sign indicates that you are not only ambitious and bold but also headstrong.

Song Choice: Jazba Junoon by Junoon


You are a faithful person- be it to your work or your country. And you exude positive vibes.

Song Choice: Dil Se by Haroon


Geminis have many pursuits in life and choose to follow their hearts in answer for their curiosity.

Song choice: Chal Dil Mere by Ali Zafar


This star sign tends to hold many emotional qualities. They are sensitive, sympathetic and at times, over emotional.

Song choice: Aye Rah E Haq Ke Shaheedon by Various Artists, Coke Studio


Creative and theatrical, Leos like to put on a show and demonstrate their energy.

Song choice: Dil Ki Qasam by Noori


You are level-headed and solutions oriented. Moreover, you are logical.

Song choice: Main Tou Dekhoonga by Strings


Known for its desire to be a peace keeper and fierce loyalty for those they care about.

Song choice: Dosti by Jawad Ahmad


Extremely passionate and tends to place itself in the position of a protector.

Song choice: Hai Koi Hum Jaisa by Strings


Sagittarians are known to be Idealists, and they are generous.

Song choice: Hum Dekhenge by Various Artists


One of the most emotionally strong Zodiac signs, it is no secret that Capricorns are known to be independent and are not easily persuaded.

Song choice: Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga by Strings and Atif Aslam


Holds strong humanitarian values and consistently tries to make things better.

Song choice: Ghoom Tana by Salman Ahmed and Shubha Mudgal. A cross-border collaboration.


Pisces tend to hover in the realm between fantasy and reality. Creativity flows from this zodiac sign.

Song choice: Sayonee by Junoon


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