7 things that show you are a MF (major freaking) classist when it comes to your house help


It’s 2019 and you would think that the world would have evolved plenty by now. But…that’s not the case. People surprise you and reach new lows every day. Earlier this year, we saw the hashtag #JusticeForUzma surface and trend for a while. It was for this girl who was brutally tortured and beaten to her death by her employers.

A lot of celebrities, influencers and content creators came forward to take about this unfairness. They shared and reshared the hashtag on twitter and some even went to the extent of tagging the Prime Minister demanding justice. While it is great to see people collectively come forward, what a lot of people do not realize is we all woke up a little too late for Uzma and there are so many others that continue to suffer silently.

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Similar to most cases, I think it’s best that we continue t educate ourselves and be a little more sensitive.

So..what are the 7 ways that show you are a classist douche and don’t even know?

  • You think it’s unfair that your boss didn’t give you an off when you were super sick but you get super upset when your maid doesn’t shop up on a national holiday.

I get it, 9-5 is hard and can get incredibly exhausting. It makes you exhausted and sick from time to time. So, what if you are on your probation, your boss should be okay with you taking some time off. Does she not know what mental health break is?! However, when it comes to your house help who wants some time off because he/she is sick then you start having major issues because how dare they even bring up something so outrageous.

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  • You think it’s insensitive of your boss to pass certain personal comments, when you wouldn’t think twice before passing much worse comments on your house help/maid.

Validation is a word we throw around the most these days. We know we want it and need it, especially at work. So when your boss gives you some hardcore criticism you think it’s the end of the world. You contemplate quitting and wish to leave right there and then. You write up a whole passage to share on Soul Whatever’s group because of how unfair their comments were. What you don’t realize is, your house help doesn’t have that kind of a voice or exposure. So when you say something extremely mean, they just take it without even realizing.

  • You think you should be paid overtime when you wouldn’t think twice before paying your own maid.

Remember last year when you had to work overtime on Eid for a client’s campaign and remember every Eid that your maid has been showing up for relentlessly for the past few years. Don’t remember? It’s ok.

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  • You think you deserve a raise after 6 months, when you wont even give your maid a raise for years!

So it has only been a year and your boss gave you a measly increment of 10% of your salary. HOW unfair! How many times have you seen your maid asking for a Rs.200/500 Increment in their salary? A lot? Also, so unfair.

  • You think it’s unprofessional for your maid to wear vibrant colors to your place while you go and give a speech to your colleagues about why they shouldn’t focus on what women wear.

Ashfaq from Finance made a really weird comment about women ‘asking for it’ with the way that they dress yesterday so you share it immediately on your friend’s whatsapp group and discuss its inappropriateness. Whereas when your rotiwali god forbid wears something flamboyant you can’t help but think two things a) why is she dressed like that? What’s her incentive? b) How can she afford that?

  • You think it’s wrong for your boss to call you out in public, when you wouldn’t think twice before yelling at your house help or chauffeur for screwing up.

Your istree wali burnt your everyday work kameez, which makes you go crazy. How could she? HOW?! That’s the one kameez you use for work and for get-togethers. However, when your boss yells at you for not getting it right in front of everyone, you feel embarrassed and ashamed.

  • You think you should be allowed to come in late at work on a few days, whereas if your house help doesn’t then it’s absolutely unfair and wrong

Traffic is crazy these days, does your boss even know how tough it is for you?! 1-2 days should be okay with the big guy. He needs go a little easy on you! But if your maid comes in late, you can’t help but be a little suspicious. Has she found a new maalkin? If not, then there is no reason for her to come in late. She could take a Careem if she has to. I mean, really?!


Hope this helps clarifies and makes you see the real MF classist that you, your friend or someone in your family is.

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