The Story of Valentine’s Day


As Marium walks around in Dolmen Mall, she can see shades of pink, red and maroon. Turning to the right to reach her destination her gaze is caught up by the giant cupid dangling from a Hallmark shop filled with people busily moving out and about. As she reaches the door to let herself in, her eyes are set on the perfect one; a perfect greeting card for ‘Mr. Right’ asking him “Will you be my Valentine?”

Since February is the month of love, couples around the world are busy deciding various things; where to take her on a date?  What to get him this Valentine’s? Would she say yes? Would he like my new dress? All this is done just for that one day, the day to say I love you to the one that only matters – your valentine

Valentine’s Day is globally symbolized by using various symbols of love such as cupid, hearts, or a pair of doves. But the legend behind this day is not as romantic as you might perceive it to be.  Valentine’s Day, which is also known as ‘Saint Valentine’s Day,’ was originally celebrated in honor of a Saint called Valentine who would secretly wed soldiers who were forbidden to marry as they had been sent to the Christian ministries. The Saint was soon imprisoned for the act. Rumor has it that Valentine’s soon fell in deep love with the jailer’s daughter, Asterius who he had served to as a healer. Crazy in love and imprisoned, Valentine could not do much to bring up his heart filled romance to a long life love story with a ‘happily ever after.’ However, according to the legend, on the day of his persecution Valentine bid his beloved a good bye by ending a love letter to her with “From your Valentine.” Thus the memory of Valentine turned this day into a Global Day to celebrate love and loved ones.

So this 14th Feb, instead of doing the same stereotypical rituals such as going for dinner, exchanging gifts and vows of love, we suggest a fun and romantic activity for you love birds to execute that might help you render a stronger relationship. Promise to make each other a ballot box, allot a specific color to each other (for e.g. blue for the man and pink for the lady). Every time your significant other has done something that has made you feel special write it down and keep it in the ballot box signing it ‘From your Valentine’. This ballot box is to be opened only when you two have a huge argument and each other’s notes of love are to be read out to one another and, which should end the argument. Hoping all you love birds have a day filled with romance, chocolates, love letters and vows. Happy Valentine’s Day from us here at HTV!


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