Remove Chewing Gum without Damaging Your Hair


Chewing a gum has its own benefits. It can act as an appetite suppressant as it quenches your urge to have food, besides that chewing gum is also known to enhance alertness and lessen stress levels in a person. But, what if chewing gum becomes problematic for you? What will you do if you have somehow gotten gum stuck to your hair? No worries! You can remove chewing gum from your hair by using the below given simple home remedies without cutting or damaging your hair.

Oil is the Trick

The greasiness and the stickiness that oil contains effectively helps get rid of gum stuck to the hair. Since oil is hydrophobic in nature it breaks down the stickiness of the chewing without damaging the surface of the hair. You can use any sort of oil, be it cooking oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.

  • Rub enough amount of oil onto the chewing gum, and the surrounding area.
  • Let it sit for a few seconds and then pull it downwards with your fingers.
  • You can even run a comb provided you are very gentle.

Try Hair Mousse

Hair mousse can also help remove chewing gum stuck into the hair easily. You only need to be extra careful when using it on your child since hair sprays can easily get in the eye and cause irritation.

  • Apply a little amount of hair mousse onto the chewing gum.
  • Wait for a few seconds and then comb it out.

Toothpaste also Works

Toothpaste is readily available in any household and can be used for many home remedies and quick fixes. One of them is to take out chewing gum from the hair.

  • Apply a small amount of toothpaste, without diluting it, to the portion of gum and wait for it to dry.
  • Once the toothpaste dries off then remove the gum with your fingers.

Petroleum Jelly, the Easy Option

The greasiness of petroleum jelly can help you take out the chewing gum from your hair without causing any damage. While using petroleum jelly to take out gum from the hair, make sure your hair are dry.

  • Take some petroleum jelly on your fingers and rub it on the affected area.
  • Massage it gently until the gum loosens out.
  • Once it has, you can then remove it with your finger or comb it out.

Here are some more clever uses of petroleum jelly you never knew.

Remove Chewing Gum from Hair with Mayonnaise

It is yet another effective remedy to remove gum from hair.

  • Take some mayonnaise and apply it over the area where gum is stuck.
  • Remove the residue of gum with the help of fingers or a comb.

Peanut Butter

If you have some peanut butter handy is your house, you need not worry about that dreaded chewing gum stuck in your hair, even a bit.

  • Take a little amount of peanut butter and cover the chewing gum with it.
  • Make sure the chewing gum is completely covered in peanut butter from all sides.
  • Let it sit there for a few minutes and then check with your fingers whether the gum has started to loosen out or not.
  • If it has, gently run a comb through your hair.
  • With a few strokes the gum will be completely out.

All the above stated tips will help remove gum from your hair without resorting to an emergency trimming or cutting session.

You would need to wash your hair though once the gum is out since all these products will you’re your hair greasy.

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