“Prevention is better than cure”


In a country like Pakistan we often encounter inconsiderate situations where adolescents get hurt while interacting with things and items in their environment. They can be anything running from medicine to metal items like jewelry, side cribs of tables and beds, trampolines, plastic bags and more. All these products seem to be fine but can end up being deadly for a child.

Children always find a way of getting into everything, the more you hide things from them the more curious they get. This is where we, adults, need to act in a responsible manner and play our part to keep the young ones far from risky items and things that can be life threatening.

It is deplorable how individuals in this part of the world underestimate things and end up being thoughtless or in other words careless. “Keep MEDICINE out of the sight and reach of children“, I’m sure we all are familiar with these words. Let’s put some light on what we are trying to say. A single mistake and it can be the end. Buying medicines here in Pakistan is extremely easy and from nowhere is near to the global standards. Extremely unsafe sleeping pills that must be bought with a specialist’s prescription, are sold without any inquiry to youthful kids. Barely any chemist here supply’s drugs with child packaging due to which we often witness terrible cases that could have been prevented. Take strong measures to protect your loved ones and keep drugs in bolted cabinets somewhere out of the reach of the young explorers.  What Pakistani parents for the most part do while giving medicines to their kids is that they allude to medicines as candies which is absolutely wrong! One ought to never pass such remarks before your young ones, never partner drugs with confections. Never forget your medicine out to do anything else. Usually to attend telephone calls or to go see somebody at the door we forget the drug out which can wind up going in the wrong mouth and result in a fiasco.

Discussing ADULT BEDS, Many folks and guardians are uninformed that there are shrouded perils when putting infants on grown-up beds. Customers frequently feel that if a grown-up bed is pushed against a wall, or cushions are set at the edges of the bed, little infants will be sheltered as they rest. Nonetheless, research shows something else. A baby can tumble from the grown-up bed onto heaps of garments, plastic bags, or other delicate materials bringing about suffocation, not just that the youthful one may experience a trap of the head, throat, or belly by the body of the person sharing the bed or the quilt or cushion in the bed. The infant may move and tumble from the grown-up bed onto the floor. Youngsters normally soak in and on the off chance that they are lying on their belly they are not able to raise their head. The water sleeping pad covers the entire face so there is a danger of suffocation. Every one of these dangers can be anticipated if legitimate measures are taken on time.

BABY WALKERS are another huge risk. Youngsters in child walkers can rapidly move to the edge of the stairs and trip down. This sort of occurrence much of the time happens when parental figures don’t introduce a stair door at the highest point of the stairs which brings about genuine head wounds or even death at times. Infant walkers can tip over when kids attempt to cross unsteady surfaces, for example, door edges or carpet corners. Kids are currently more open to dangers, they attempt to achieve things that were earlier far from them like electric strings, pots that may contain boiling water, draperies and more. Mothers also need to make sure that they do not leave water filled tubs when they have walking kids in the house. A kid might tip over into the water and also drown. Parental guidance is cardinal during the growing years of a kid. Child gates and safety barriers should be encouraged and used more and more to prevent deadly hazards.

PLASTIC BAGS and BALLOONS are another big threat to kids specially in a country like Pakistan where both these things are very common. There have been several cases where kids playing with plastic bags ended up suffocating themselves by putting the bags on their face while playing. Balloons too are a big threat to under age kids. Children usually bring the balloon close to their face and have a habit of pressing the balloon as hard as possible. On popping, a balloon can trap a child’s face and kill the youthful kid by suffocating him or her.

Such products should be kept away from the reach of children. Certain things cannot be removed or taken care of like corners of tables and glass tables and more but parental guidance can certainly prevent a lot of loss. Parents should value the life of their kid the most and if are caught up with work they should undoubtedly leave someone back to monitor the young ones. A child is a blessing, take care of him/her before it’s too late.

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