Lose Wight Before Your Wedding Day!


I honestly have to say, you have to SWEAT it off in order to say goodbye to what came as a gift during the days of your hard work and efforts that you put in to get rid of extra weight before your wedding. The good news is, it is conceivable to lose weight before your wedding day as quickly as it showed up. Simply adhere to our simple yet compelling weight loss tips and you can drop up to a large portion of that fat in a couple of weeks or so.

How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding Day

It’s quite easy if you’re truly willing. All you really have to do is, go back to your healthy regime with an addition of some more.

1. Try not to eat any carbs after 6pm

Why? Not just do they leave a few people feeling bloated, carbs are additionally brimming with calories so, just by maintaining a distance from them after 6p.m., you can bring down the number of calories you eat in a day. Eat potatoes, pasta or rice with a plate of steamed vegetables, serving of mixed greens or natural product.

2. Say good-bye to ready meals and takeaways

Why? They’re loaded with fat, salt and other additives, which can activate water retention and bloating.

3. Switch ordinary tea for green tea

Why? Studies show green tea is a great fat burner that can aid weight loss. It is also crammed with anti-ageing antioxidants to help you keep your youthful shadi glow.

4. Aim for a 30-minute brisk walk, jog or cycling, at least four times per week

You need to accelerate up your metabolism and regular, moderate exercise is the least of the best kick-off start that you need to do before your shadi to lose weight.

5. Having a nutritious breakfast

That’s an essential dulhans-to-be! We usually grab that hearty weekend breakfast, very much known as HALWA PURI. You need to skip that! Eat something nutritious and healthy instead. Enjoy a big bowl of oatmeal every morning or a healthy delightful smoothie. Wake up 10 minutes prior just to ensure you eat before going out.

6. Sneaking into sleep

As weird as this may sound because, it would make you think, this would just end up making you more of a slob, power naps actually help lose weight. This not only leaves you feeling refreshed – recent research recommends a power nap can also break you away from making unhealthy choices when it comes to food. It might be difficult to have one amid shadi ki tayyariyan but try and squeeze in 20 minutes on couple of days.

7. Walk, walk and walk

This tip is one of those that can help you stay away from that excess weight gain. I refuse to take the elevators and choose the stairs thinking, I might shed some calories while doing this. Keep this up at home too. Sneak some time midst your wedding preps and walk from your living room to your kitchen and all around the house. This will surely avoid the weight gain.

These are possibly the easiest ways you can try without much of a weight gain. Also, just reminding yourself that you have this aim that you want to be healthy is good enough. The drill is to eat healthy and move, this will help you get slim and you lose weight before your shadi.

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