5 steps to motivate you to lose weight


Belly fat can, at times, become a factor in holding you back and not achieving your goals. A fat body may lead to a lack of self-esteem and confidence, which can in turn affect your professional life.

Alongside this the people who make fun of you, pass snide remarks at you and insult you with their untoward smirks, do you no good.

Well, you don’t need to fret anymore. Here are a few things you need to make a part of your routine to lose weight and become the gorgeous self that you really are and make others stop in their feet to admire you. Hold the reins of strength and you’re off.


Almost all of us are guilty of welcoming negative thoughts instead of positive ones. It may moisten the roots of fear in your mind, stopping you from taking the first step. Continuously thinking about your fears will drain you by keeping you in an unstable state of worry. You just have to rid your fears away and take the first step towards redeeming yourself.


Just wipe out all the negative thoughts and define your goal. Make yourself firm and determined and start planning. Initially, go for the smaller targets and after their completion, move further. The completion of these targets will enhance your self-confidence and make your path easier. You don’t need be so hard on yourself. Go ahead, but slowly and gradually.


Don’t despise something flat out; instead enjoy it to the fullest. Your goals will become easy for you to achieve. In this malleable world, have a positive outlook on life so that each and every task becomes a piece of cake for you.


We all crave for bunches and tokens of appreciation from others, but sometimes self-appreciation becomes a sole choice. In order to expect wonderful comments from others, be your own friend. Pat your back on each achievement, and get ready for better results.


Engrave ‘positivity’ on your heart in bold letters. Just look around and you’ll see how many nay-sayers are wandering around you. You just have to avoid the company of these who are always ready to spread negativity around them. Trust your own self and try your best to be as positive as possible.

These simple steps will give you the initial motivation you need to take care of yourself. Just follow these tips and see how quickly you are able to achieve your goals.

About the author: Fizza Abbas is an aspiring medical writer and poet, who loves to explore the world with visionary eyes. Her writings have been published in many online publications, including Technology Times Pakistan, Eye On Life, Read Fingers, and ScreechOwl.

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