What Your Lip Shape Tells about You?


Your lips are considered to be one of the leading features that determine your personality. When we are happy, sad or angry, the first physical indication is our face, as we express our thoughts both verbally and through the expressions we make. However, your lip shape may signify even deeper psychological peculiarities and personality traits.

Lip reading fixates on the plumpness, shape and size, and the definition of the cupid’s bow to uncover underlying personality implications.

Here are some common lip shapes and the traits they may suggest.

Full Lips


You are blessed with the lip shape that most women desire. You are a go-getter and you mean business. You empathize before anything else, find joy in valuing relationships, and put needs of those around you before yours. It will not be wrong to say you are generous. You like to maintain a close circle of friends, and are very confident and charming.

Thin Lips

thin lip shape

It is said that thin-lipped people usually are self-sufficient and content in their own company. This is however not to say that their relationships are doomed. For lasting relationships, they will need to be patient and well-balanced between them and their partner’s needs.

Wide Lips

wide lip shape

Your wide lips brighten up a dark room. You are extremely optimistic and life of your social circle, because you not just love to talk but also involve people in your conversations. You are that 2 a.m. friend who is always there for her friends. Who wouldn’t want to be with you?

Plumper in the Middle Lips

Plumper in the Middle Lip shape

You are the girl who loves all the drama and wants the spotlight to always be on her! You want people to pay attention to you! Needless to say, you love to pamper yourself and of course you can bring any dull party to life.

Lips with a Defined Cupid Bow

defined cupid bow lip shape

A well-defined cupid bow reveals that you are quick and creative and can unarm anyone with your exceptional communication skills. But sometimes, you tend to say some things that might land you in trouble. So, you should watch out for that.

Lips with No Defined Cupid Bow

no cupid bow lip shape

It is said that people with no defined cupid bow are often those who are extremely emotional to the point that they don’t know where to draw a line. But, this is not to say they will take decisions without weighing pros and cons. If you have a defined but rounded bow, then it shows that you’re considerate and compassionate and will walk an extra mile to show your concern. With a responsible band to your personality, you will however at times arrive at a sound conclusion.

Small Puffy Lips

small puffy lip shape

People with small puffy lips are regularly teasing and sneaky. If they don’t care for themselves, at that point, nobody will further take care of them. People with small puffy lip shape appear to be egotistical. However, this isn’t the situation. They’re sympathetic and committed companions.

The Upper Lip Is Bigger than the Lower Lip

bigger upper lip shape

The person with these kinds of lips is quite a drama-queen type. They are usually emotional, charming and draw attention to themselves. They are usually intelligent, kind of sarcastic and talkative.

 The Lower Lip Is Bigger Than the Upper One

bigger lower lip shape

People with this lip shape know when to enjoy and how. You fundamentally need a lively way of life, new associates, and new places to visit. You are interesting, agreeable, and open to everything new.

So, what does YOUR lip shape say about you? Well, no matter what your lips reveal about you, don’t forget to wear a smile on your face. Nothing beats a gloomy day like your glowing smile! So, take it easy guys! *wink*

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