5 Life Hacks For Socially Awkward People

Being social is not something that comes to most of us, naturally.


If you are an introvert and socially awkward, chances are… you think people suck and TBH they do. If you too are reading this while huddled up in your office space away from the rest of your colleagues, I feel ya. Being social is not something that comes to most of us, naturally. I personally consider it an art, or a trait one inherits because of certain genes. Because honestly, it’s unnatural. However, there are a few hacks that can make you feel a little less awkward and a little more social.

Assume That Everyone Already Likes You

One of the things that usually proves to be an obstruction when we try to be social is that we assume way too much and not all of it is good. So, if you are one of those people who feels this way, then it might help entering a room assuming that people already like you. It will help you open up and get out of your comfort zone a little bit.

Practice Posing

They say that just fixing your posture a little can help you reduce anxiety and boost your confidence. Also, according to a recent Harvard research, the right posture can help decrease your levels of cortisol, which helps and is something that most powerful leaders tend to have in common. This is a simple strategy to help you deal with a little stress that you might have when making a conversation

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The Other Person Is Not Cooler Than You

There are times when we think that the person next to us is probably way more interesting or rather ‘cooler’ than us. This kind of a mindset deters you from making any conversation, as you end up thinking that no one has time for or will get bored with anything that you have to offer. Don’t overthink things because of how you will sound, just go ahead and say it.

Think Of A Conversation As A Challenge And Not As A Threat

Often, we think of small talk as something absolutely daunting. Our brains are programmed to go into a fight or flight mode, when we face something we fear. The best way to tackle this is to start thinking of awkward small talks as something you can handle and not something you should avoid.

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Dress To Impress

If you look good, then you feel good. However, don’t go out of your way to look extraordinary or to please the other person. You need to please yourself with the way you look. If you think you look good enough, you will automatically have more confidence and will be your best self.