Healthy Diet, Happy Life!


Everything in your life – your mood, grades, skin, hair, nails, and relationships – are all somehow related to the quality of your diet. This applies to people of all ages. A female in pregnancy requires sufficient folate to prevent birth defects in children. Children especially require plenty of nutrients – Vitamin A for vision and eye sight, Calcium for growth and development of the bones, Iron for optimal transport of oxygen and much more.

The magic word (or words) that combines all these nutrients is: A nutrient-rich diet.

A nutrient-rich diet is one which is full of nutrients and low in calories. It is a diet that provides you with all the important minerals and vitamins (think of Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, B, C) your body requires for optimum function. It is a balanced symphony of all the essentialities pertinent to keep one healthy and happy.

There’s only so much a person can eat in a day. It’s not the quantity that matter, rather it’s the quality of the food. When they say ‘less is more’, they are absolutely right.

Kick-Start Your Day With a Healthy Meal

In this fast-pacing world, who has time for breakfast? You may not have time for breakfast, but skipping the first meal of the day is worse for you than you would’ve thought. It is the most essential meal and you must not skip it if you want to look dazzling while giving that presentation you’ve been working on for days!

The number one food on your priority list for breakfast should be dairy produce – and not just any dairy produce, it should be eggs! When it comes to nutrients, there’s very little eggs don’t have. Eggs are loaded with Vitamin D, which the body requires for bone-strengthening. Make yourself the world-famous anda paratha to kick-start your day!

If you are not fond of eggs, a steamy bowl of fresh cooked oatmeal is always another option. Oatmeal is full of fibre and will help relieve constipation. Bran cereal is another powerhouse of fibre and works great for breakfast! Also, don’t forget your daily dose of Calcium – chug on a glass of milk and you are good till lunch!

Why is Eating Healthy So Important?

With schedules so hectic, restaurants so accessible and the endless variety of food, it’s not uncommon to eat at least one meal out at a restaurant every other day. Most of the time it’s usually lunch.

If you’ve been feeling fatigued a lot lately, and if you’re wondering why you’re skin and hair are going bad every day, understand that the problem may just lie in your food. Know that the food you eat shows in your appearance and your tone when you speak. To turn that frequent frown upside down and sound less cranky, make sure you’re not relying on junk food for your daily intake of nutrients.

When was the last time you had fish? If it was a long time ago, you better be on your way buying fresh produce after you find out about its endless benefits. Those with seafood cravings will be pleased to find out that dieticians have recommended fish in our meals at least twice a week. Salmon, sardines, trout and mackerel are all fish that are pumped with omega-3 fatty acids. Unsaturated fats are important to provide fuel for the body and to make essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids include omega-3-6 and cannot be produced on its own. Fish also makes a great source of Vitamin D!

Other than fish, vegetables also make a vital component of a diet jam-packed with nutrients. All of the leafy greens – turnips, spinach, brussel sprouts, and others – are powerhouses of iron and other essential nutrients. It is common to give preference to meat over vegetables, because of the magic it stirs in our taste buds. Meat has its own benefits and must be included in a healthy, balanced diet. Beef liver is especially important for Vitamin D. However, their intake should be carefully calculated because of their increased contribution to cardiovascular diseases.

Five Easy Steps to a Healthier Diet and a Happier Life

1. Don’t skip breakfast- have an egg or two, or a bowl of bran cereal/oatmeal. A glass of milk for strong bones and teeth is a must.

2. Munch on fiber-packed nuts instead of an airy bag of potato chips. A bag of potato chips contains up to 3 grams of trans fat. If you must have potato chips, switch to baked potato chips.

3. Drink lots of water and cut down on soft drinks. Soft drinks contain unnecessarily high amount of carbohydrate which make you gain weight.

4. Stack your kitchen with the season’s fruits. Citrus fruits are especially loaded with Vitamin A. A mint of strawberries soothes your daily dose of iron; even better if dipped in dark chocolate!

5. Always remember this: the greener the better! Spinach and other leafy greens make excellent sources of Potassium, Iron, Calcium and other minerals. Yes, meat and pasta is delicious and hard to resist, but for a striking appearance and a day full of productivity, you need your daily dose of greens! Order salad instead of fettuccini- it’s worth it!

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