10 Thoughts That Come To Mind On A ‘Good Weather’ Day

Yeh mausam ka jaadu hai, mitwa… don’t get carried away


Best thought you’ve had all day. Dance away!

Picture this: you wake up on a weekday to Karachi’s sky adorned with dark, heavy clouds. Yes, that is the definition of ‘good weather’ in our part of the world. A sunny day is, well, nothing but a normal day. It is when the winds run wild and the slightest hint of rain descends from the sky that Karachiites find themselves saying: “Yaar kya crazy mausam hai”.

So what do you do when that happens? You can’t possibly ignore it and go about your day as if nothing ever happened. I mean the universe is trying to help you live a little. And if you’ve lived through such a day, you can’t deny the following thoughts that cross your mind:

1. Skip work/school

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you tend to wake up to already romantic weather in Karachi. Other times, if you’re unlucky, the weather becomes great after you’ve already started your day. If you’re in the former situation, the first thing you’d want to do is skip work/school and do something else instead. Seriously, go for it. No one’s stopping or judging. Go ahead. Call in sick.

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2. Leave work/school

Well, like I said, if you’d already started your day before the weather decided to be gracious then just make an excuse and get out of there. Dark clouds don’t often come to Karachi and when they do, they make it a point to leave early.

3. Get halwa puri

Getting halwa puri for breakfast is a standard operating procedure on a rainy day in Karachi. I suggest you follow the tradition.

4. Play cheesy music in the car while driving around sea view

This is also something you’d desperately want to do. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve judged others for doing it. Blasting cheesy music in your car and driving around in circles at sea view is something we’ve all done on a ‘good weather’ day and have consequently denied it. What’s one more lie?

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5. Hit the beach

If you’re a spontaneous-plans-kinda-person then I bet this thought definitely crosses your mind. God knows I’m not. I need a month’s notice to prepare myself for the beach but that’s just me. If you’re someone who packs essentials and hits the beach on a good weather day then you do you. You’ve already skipped work so might as well.

6. Call your ex

This is a no-no. Granted, the amazing weather is messing with your head. You’re remembering all the great times you two spent, chatting away on a rainy day. But don’t. That ship sailed for good and you don’t want to call it back.

7. Fry pakoras

Go for it by all means. Eat away your feelings and do anything and everything that keeps you from calling your ex.

8. Read a book/watch a movie

Dude, you can do that on any given day. It’s a good weather day, for heaven’s sake. Don’t waste it.

9. Hang with your friends

If this has crossed your mind on a rainy day then you’re definitely single AF and so are your friends. Ditch their lonely asses and find yourself a good date.

10. Dance in the rain

Best thought you’ve had all day. Dance away!

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