Fun Family Activities: You Don’t Need to go Out to Have Fun


Do you remember the last time you spent quality family time with your folks at home? For a lot of us the answer is most likely a no. That’s not a surprise considering the workload these days is beyond hectic for almost everyone. Busy schedules make it harder to attend that picnic on the beach or the hi-tea that you’ve been anxiously looking forward to at that place you’ve heard so much about.

Apart from running around the clock, others may not be so fortunate to even step out of their gates as often as the next person. Whether it would be permission issues, driver dilemmas, or safety precautions, an outing with friends seems almost impossible.

But you don’t need to especially plan a “day out” to have an eventful evening. You don’t need to leave the house at all!

Check out some really fun and simple activities you can do at home with your family members:

Cook together: Blow that dust off your mom’s old cook book and get cooking! Get everyone together and choose a recipe. The more challenging the recipe, the better the fun! A family of 5-7 can easily work on the whole course: appetizer, main-course and dessert. Divide amongst each other the jobs in making the meal. Take pictures throughout the process and look at them when you all are finally done making the food. The final meal will be worth it!

Play indoor games. Whip out those board games. In a family of four, ludo is the best pick. If you don’t have any board games or cards, there’s an endless choice of games that you can choose from. You can google hundreds of games that don’t require an effort in creating. You’ll most likely just need a paper and pencil. Be careful not to get too competitive!

Watch a movie. Another great way to spend time together is by watching a movie. It can be a classic-childhood favorite (Famous Five, Home Alone, Matilda etc.). It can be a new release that you all have been dying to see but never got the opportunity to go to the cinema. Watching movies at home is cheaper and more convenient. Put on your PJs and get comfy on the couch. Set up a projector if you have one, get popcorn and soda and turn your room into an improvised theatre.

Take a trip down memory lane. What better way to spend time than to go through old photos? Open up all the boxes of photos stacked in your cabinet, and lay out all the albums and anything else you can find (think of stuffed toys and other mementos). It’ll be a great way to reminisce with family.

Catch up. When was the last time you had a proper interaction with each of your family members without peeking at your phone? Turn off all electronic devices in the house and communicate! If it’s winter, make it more interesting by lighting a bonfire if possible and sit in a circle. Go around the circle and tell everyone what’s new and what’s old! What better way to break the ice than with a cup of chai.

Do house chores. Make Sunday fun-day! Work together to get all the house work off your back. Chores are a bore, but a competition can be made to see who gets done with their work the fastest or just turn up some tunes.

Work on a project. Unleash your artsy self. Bring out all the paints, markers, chart papers, and anything you can find and create a 3D model together.

Throw a party. Have a family discussion on planning a party for yourselves. Set up lights, decide the menu, and dress up. Invite close family and friends. It’s not necessary to go overboard and throw the party of the year. Make it simple and fun. Remember: less is more.

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