Eating Like a Raj


Food is a passion for most Pakistanis and Karachi is packed with a variety of restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Located near Teen Talwar is a little culinary dream called Rajdhani Delights. Since 2013, it’s been serving a fusion of authentic Rajasthani, Gujrati, and Pakistani cuisine. The owners have attempted to keep the feel of the restaurant as close to Rajasthan itself with traditional paintings and show pieces. The ambiance is completed with the attire of the waiters in full Rajastani gear and traditional turbans.



Moving on from the decor, it’s now time to roll up our sleeves and loosen those pant buttons and chow down on the food. Rajdhani Delights specializes in Thali, which is a traditional platter that is mostly found in the South Asian region. Thali dishes vary from place to place as it is a selection of small helpings of various dishes, similar to the Spanish concept of tapas. The manager Mr. Jhumro explains their inspiration as “Karachi had many restaurants but what we lacked was one that catered also to vegetarians. So a Rajasthani restaurant would just do the thing, to fulfill this aim into making a place for vegetarians to come and enjoy themselves.” At Rajhdani, they serve over 700 mouthwatering dishes that they serve on rotation in the weekly menu. That’s right HTV readers, we said over 700 dishes! Having a Thali at Rajasthan is a service experience as well, with the waiters coming to clear and refill the small steel bowls while explaining each dish. It’s an all you can eat deal so you go ahead and sample as many dishes as you can.



Your meal starts off with the service of chutneys, salad and achaar (pickled vegetables). After this you’re introduced to the appetizer of the day, for us it was Dhai Bara, and poured a special drink called “Ghaage.” This is a customary refreshing drink that is made from yogurt and served for helping digestion. Since it was our first time sampling the drink, we approached it with caution but were pleasantly surprised. With a slightly sour taste followed by a strong punch of cumin, it had an overall cooling sensation. With the vast menu, we sat back to enjoy the many courses, including scrumptious delicacies such as Kofta Paneer Makhni, Dum ka Kemma and Masala Chana. Each had their own unique taste as the Kofta Paneer Makhni was soft and sweet, while Dum ka Keema and Masala Chana were spicy and satisfying. All throughout this food fest we were served a special Gujrati Kardi to sip on. Of course the best is served last and what’s a meal without its meetha, so we were treated with “Dhoodi nu Halwa,” a yummy mixture of custard and kheer (rice pudding). This was truly the cherry on top as it had a mild sweet taste but wasn’t overpowering, perfect for dessert after a long and heavy meal. In the end, you are served tea to settle those stomachs.

So don’t take our word for it, go and chow down at Rajdhani Delights and be indulged by the delicious traditional recipes of Rajasthan, Gujrat and Pakistan.





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