Here Is How You Can Prepare For Your Dorm Life Ahead


Planning for which university to go to and filling in different applications is a tiring process. All our energy goes into filling one form to another. Add to this the search for a dorm room if you are shifting cities or countries.

You have to make sure the location of your new place is in the vicinity of the college or has access to an efficient transport system. This can be exhausting so much so that we might actually forget to prepare ourselves for the dorm life ahead.

But fret not, with just few days left for most university first semesters to begin we have got you covered. Here is a list of things that will help you ease into the dorm life awaiting you.

Carry the basics

The dorm room is going to be your living space for the next few years, so carry the basics, such as, bedding, laptop, desk lamp and a filling basket.

Preferably ask your roommate if a microwave or a fridge is already available in the space. If not then save up to be able to purchase them, as these two come in very handy for quick meals that you are most certainly to be surviving on throughout your grad-life.

Spend on shower essentials

Moving into a dorm means having to mingle with different kinds of personalities and it’s not necessary that everyone is going to be accommodating. So, it’s best to take all your shower essentials with you.

No, we don’t mean a bubble bath or sea salts, because trust us you won’t have time for that. But a shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, and also a flip flop that will help you from not catching the bacteria that lurks on the floor of most shared bathrooms in a dorm.

And perhaps a shower caddy that can hold all your essentials together.

Pack small comforts of home

No, we don’t advice you to pack everything that reminds you of home, as it is best to take minimal stuff and then purchase what you need as you settle into the new place. You should though carry small comforts of home as familiar items make you feel at home more quickly.

For instance, bring a few posters and pictures to decorate the wall or that wind chime hanging beside your window in your room.

Stock up the binge

Let’s face it, a lot of time in your grad school would go on binge-eating on snacks than having the time to cook proper food. So, it’s important to store and keep everything in order in your room.

Besides, buying things in bulk helps you save cost than going out to buy that packet of chips from the nearest thrift store.

Pro tip: Be prepared for a lot of noise. Remember that as much as you would like a dorm space to be a place you can come back and relax in; the reality is that it would be far from it.

There is no ‘me time’ in a dorm room as it is a shared space. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all. Look for a quiet safe place outside your dorms and spend time there for some peace and privacy.

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